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Poudre Instrument Electronic Digital Cycle Counters

Performance Test and Calibration

Quality Control

The heart of our cycle counter is the pressure sensor. Since 1990, we have been sourcing this component from the same vendor for both reliability and quality control. This component is custom manufactured for us by a firm that also builds sensors for the airborne and aerospace industries. All applicable components meet NEMA 4 requirements. The pressure sensors are calibrated and tested prior to being shipped to us. During the assembly process, we recheck the sensor calibration and cucle the completed counter a minimum of 20 cycles to confirm proper function.

Cycle Life

The weakest component would be the micro switch. In the case of our sensor, these along with the welded SS bellows in the pressure port are engineered for one million plus cycles. The mechanical pump mechanism will have been rebuilt a number of times before you will reach the end of our cycle counters service life.


Due to the sensors design, repeatability and not drifting from set point helps to insure an accurate count of pump cycles. In the event that any Poudre Cycle Counter ever needs recalibration, this will be done at no charge as long as the counter has not been tampered with or damaged. There are no internal or external adjustments or calibration required.

Based on the quality of our components and the quality control program, our rejection rate has been ZERO since 1990. We use only the best available components in the manufacturing of our products.