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Pressure Powered Pump Cycle Counters

The purpose of using a cycle counter in conjunction with a pressure powered pump is to determine the volume being pumped over a given period of time. Since the volume pumped per cycle is a known value, counting the cycles is a simple, accurate and inexpensive way of measuring the flow. Knowing how many times a pump has cycled can also play an important part in a scheduled maintenance program.

Poudre Instrument offers a broad selection of Electronic Digital Cycle Counters built with the highest quality components available. Once in service, neither recalibration nor routine maintenance are reqired.

Available Models

S Model

The S Model is an Electronic Digital Cycle Counter with a self-contained power source utilizing a low voltage battery. All applicable components are U.L. Listed and its electrical components meet NEMA 4 standards. A reset feature allows the counter to be reset to zero.

M Model

The M Model has all of the features of the standard S Model, but also includes a set of remote contacts and a mounted U.L. Listed Junction Box for wiring the remote contacts.

Poudre Instrument products are MADE IN THE U.S.A. 

Available options include:

  • Closed Loop System Option
  • Instrument Pigtail
  • Isolation valve

Additional Information


ONE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY. A detailed copy of our warranty is available upon request.

Expected Energy Cell Life:

Models: S & M: 5 to 7 years

Poudre Instrument warrants the energy cells in its products for 24 months from the product's date of manufacture.

Installation Tips:

When installing a Poudre Instrument Cycle Counter on a pressure powered pump using steam as the motive force, an instrument pigtail must be used between the counter and the pump. When the counter is installed in one of the optional locations, it is also suggested that a pigtail be used. It is also good practice to install an isolation valve between the counter and the service connection to the system or the pump.

Operational Data:

Our standard counters are built to respond to a 10 p.s.i. positive pressure build-up by the motive pressure in the pump body during the pumping cycle, with the pump body vented to atmosphere during the fill cycle. Optional actuation points are available to suit most applications, at no extra cost.

Pressure Limitations:

Maximum System Pressure: 250 PSI/WOG

Maximum Proof Pressure: 500 PSI/WOG

Maximum System/Proof on steam service: 125 PSI (saturated steam when used with a pigtail)

Temperature Limitations:

S & M Models: -30 C. to 160 C. (-22 F. to 176 F.)